Pay bills, invoices, insurance contracts, private keys, wills … It may be wise to deposit your private documents in a digital vault accessible from anywhere. Timebox brings a solution to this !

The tools used by the general public to save their digital data are problematic for the longevity of digital information. « No support currently marketed can guarantee good conservation beyond 5 or 10 years. » While many users have already experienced a « crash » of their hard drive, resulting in the permanent loss of the data that has been recorded, the short life of CD or DVD seems less known, and will disppea in about a decade. Also remember that in the 1980s, computer data was stored on floppy diskettes, replaced in the 1990s by rigid floppies, two media that are more readable by the latest computers on the market …

How to make sure that your private bitcoin keys, electronic invoices or wills do not disappear overnight?

The risk of documents losses:

Companies know that this leads to the risk of losing documents, but they may not know to what extent …
Do you know, for example, that according to the Information and Management Association (AIM), an employee spends an average of 7:30 hours per week looking for information, paper or digital, without finding it? The AIM also observed that 1 in 4 companies know that it will take at least a month to find all the necessary documents in the event of an audit. And the time spent looking for documents can only go up: each year, a company produces 50% of paper documents and 60% of additional digital files, and invariably leads to duplicate production.

The impact of this risk on the copany’s profitability :

The impact of such a lack of content management affects the productivity of employees and therefore the profitability of the company.
For example, 10 years ago, a telecom operator needed 3 weeks to transfer a subscriber’s file from one branch to another, in the case of his move. Today it takes 3 months of delay. And moreover, the information transferred today is less complete and reliable. Because if the transfer request is made electronically, it is actually processed manually. Some companies even refuse to send certain information to customers who request it because they simply do not find it.

Timebox, your Digital Vault :

To provide a secure solution to archiving, Timebox has emerged as a “digital vault”.
These are semi-free online services, which offer you a personal space. The vault is a secure online bank account that you access by entering your username and password. To deposit a file (text, spreadsheet, photo …), simply transfer it to the vault directly from your computer or smart phone.


All your administrative files gathered in one place :

The interest of the digital vault is not limited to remote backup. It can act as a « briefcase » for storing and sorting all your important « papers » together. For example, in order to justify the payment of a benefit or to claim one’s rights at retirement, it is necessary to keep personal papers for a certain number of years and sometimes for life. Pay bills, invoices, insurance contracts, statements, vouchers and tax notices … like a giant computer.

Ensuring the confidentiality and the security of your data :

The growing use cases of digital data poses a sociological, political, geopolitical, legal and economic challenge. The heritage value of information is constantly increasing.
Digital data comes from all sides – websites, social networks, e-mail, blogs … Big Data affects all economic players. New management and business models are emerging and this phenomenon pushes companies to adapt to the processing, sharing, analysis, storage, protection and valuation of data.

Useful links:

website : https://www.timebox.network
White paper : http://bit.ly/2EWHTUZ
PreICO : http://bit.ly/2ot1tSm


NoLimitCoin NLC2 Review


No Limit Coin powers Online Fantasy Games by providing the best of blockchain technology. No Limit Coin is 100% PoS with an annual stake reward of 4% and is already available on various exchanges.
You can Buy NLC2 at the following Exchanges: Yobit | Cryptopia | CoinExchange

Fantasy Sports and Payments

The difficulty in establishing payment systems within the online fantasy sports industry makes the use of cryptocurrency for the game a perfect fit. Our first priority was to get the coin ready for the game and that is done and operational. Now that the coin is launched and operational as a block chain and also within the fantasy games, we will go to various exchanges and load the coin as well as open accounts and create a buy market.

Cryptocurrency meets Fantasy Sports!
Blockchain technology will bring the online games that are played by more than 50 million in the USA and many more around the world the ability to use blockchain technology to achieve a low cost transaction while at the same time being a liquid coin.

The purpose of this project is to combine the best of two worlds. We bring together the ease, convenience, choice and excitement of handling a fantasy league team with the comfort, anonymity and transaction tracking of a blockchain. We are excited about the prospects of the project as we believe we are exploring unchartered territories and paving new ways. This project is built upon a combination of sound business knowledge and an understanding of business trends. With an ICO we are paving ways for third parties to partake in our growth and success while ensuring a steady user base at the time of launch


Given the nature of fantasy league businesses, the transactional system needs to be one that can handle a heavy number of small transactions occurring parallely. Additionally, the system needs to be one that does not levy heavy charges on minute transactions. Existing systems charge a good fifteen to twenty percent on the transactions that are small in nature and due to the same are not optimized for a system that requires frequent transactions in small order. Our intention is to tackle this with the inclusion of a blockchain into the operations of an existing fantasy league business.

Global Accessibility

We believe betting is a global activity and local laws and lack of efficiency of payment systems should not block individuals with exceeding talent in developing economies to engage in a fantasy league platform. Sports is a globally shared emotion and for financial systems to outright block individuals from certain nations in the name of lack of infrastructure or cross border treaties is a good example of the inefficiencies of existing financial systems. We intend to tackle this through the issue of tokens  that are globally accessible and plugging in a number of cryptocurrencies that have already acquired traction across a global demographic. Furthermore our tokens will facilitate quicker trade of players and related on-platform transactions on a global basis paving way for a larger user base to come into the platform, thereby creating a larger profit margin for those vested into the business.

This brand new decentralized platform is 100% run on cryptocurrency and has all the advantages of the blockchain technology. This is how Fantasy Sports is meant to be.

For more info, visit: https://www.nolimitcoin.org 

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