Bitsforclicks : Click Ads & Earn Free Bitcoins

The Easy way to earn Bitcoins – No Mining, No Gambling.

Imagine getting paid 2,000 satoshi in just 1-2 minutes simply for clicking and viewing a few websites.. Nothing to buy, you don’t even have to signup to anything.. just simply click to view a few websites, wait, and in 1-2 minutes claim 2,000 satoshis!
This is exactly what you can do with Bits For Clicks – the world’s highest paying bitcoin PTC site!

Bits For Clicks is the oldest and the most famous bitcoin paid-to-click (PTC) online. You are paid, in bitcoin, to click advertisements and view websites – for just 10-20 seconds. The site have own advertising paltorm also. You get daily some guaranteed advertisements to click and to earn bitcoins. You can earn more with their affiliate program also.
To withdraw your earnings you need to reach the minimum payout (0.15 mBTC).

You can register and start earning free bitcoins by clicking here: Bits for clicks


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