Start Mining Cryptocurrencies with Genesis Mining

Genesis mining

Genesis Mining is a legit cloud mining company founded in 2013. It is the most transparent, largest and most popular cloud mining provider for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash Litecoin and Dash.

Cloud mining is a solution that allows you to purchase computational power (expressed in hash per second) to mine and generate a crypto-currencies.

To start mining Cryptocurrencies with Genesis Mining, all you need to do is set up an account with them. After signing up by providing a valid e-mail and a password, fund your account via Bitcoin, PayPal, credit card, or wire transfer, and then choose the mining plan that’s best for you.

Sign up to Genesis Mining by clicking on the following link ➡ Genesis Mining
And by using the following code F9xovD, you will benefit from a 3% off-sale on your first contract purchase.

You can start with a 100 GH/s (Gold) lifetime Bitcoin mining contract which will cost you $19. It will help you in understanding how cloud mining works and what the profitability might be.
If that proves to be small you can try the 2,000 GH/s (Platinum) lifetime Bitcoin mining contract and this will cost you $340.
The third and the largest plan is the 10,000 GH/s (Diamond) lifetime Bitcoin mining contract which will cost you $1,600.

After purchasing your first mining contract, at the end of your first mining day you will be able to view your first winnings on the payout page of the site, and you will be able to know the threshold of payment to be reached before getting paid.

Genesis Mining has made mining an easy and pleasant experience. For any miner, a significant investment in mining hardware is required. If you cloud mine with Genesis Mining you will not have to go through the stress of setting up hardware or maintenance of mining rig, nor choosing a bitcoin mining pool, hardware, software and other mining issues.


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