Coinbase, All features in One Wallet.


Coinbase is one of the biggest actors in the field of Bitcoin. The original wallet service was created in 2012, it now offers a variety of services, from storage (portfolio) to transactions and payment modules (e-merchants), aswell as a buying and reselling Bitcoin. In other words, it is a site on which you can absolutely do everything. As a reminder, in normal times one must buy Bitcoins on a stock exchange, then transfer them to a storage portfolio. Today, Coinbase offers everything in one.

The Coinbase Wallet:

First, click here to get to the Coinbase registration page: ➡ Coinbase
Through this link, you will get the equivalent of $10 in Bitcoin for free once you have bought / sold for the equivalent of $ 100 of BTC. This is one of the few services to offer this, enjoy!
On this registration page, you will have to enter an email and a password.
A verification email will be sent to you: click on the link to activate your account permanently. You do not need to give any additional information if you do not want to.
Nevertheless, once you have money on Coinbase (Dollars, or Bitcoins), I recommend you add a second factor of identification. Either through a Google Authenticator application on your mobile phone or by giving your phone number, which will allow you to receive an SMS each time with a code to verify your identity.

Once the email address is confirmed, you can also immediately “validate” a phone number (which will notify you when a payment arrives) and a bank account, in order to buy and sell Bitcoin on Coinbase. Coinbase collects 1% of your BTC / USD and BTC / EUR transactions on their site, but the portfolio is free. In fact, 1% is very reasonable compared to the services that currently exist (some take up to 20%!), Especially since Coinbase serves as a portfolio and a purse.

The Coinbase wallet consists of several Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin addresses to receive payements in these crypto-currencies, these addresses are a kind of subaccounts to your global account.
You can find these addresses by clicking on the “Accounts” (submenu). You can also create new ones.

Is Coinbase Secure ?

Bitcoin experts will advise to use an “offline” wallet which allows to store your Bitcoins on a computer directly. However, if you use it badly, a malware can easily steal your bitcoins and block the access to your wallet and be much more dangerous than an “online” portfolio. An online wallet like Coinbase is very secure: the group claims that 97% of the deposits are stored offline, and that’s what ensures security. Coinbase takes care of placing your bitcoins on computers that are not connected to the internet. In addition, your funds are stored in geographically separate locations, in strong safes.

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