How to protect yourself from Bitcoin Scams

The world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is often referred to as ‘The Wild West’ and right now it isn’t far wrong! So far it is unregulated, decentralised, and anonymous – but only up to a point. Currently, there are no Bitcoin police to help you, so we all have to be responsible to find and report scam websites that are harming the reputation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.scam-btc

If you have Bitcoin, you need to learn to look after it, or crooks will soon take it from you. To avoid frauds and to keep your funds safe from cryptocurency investment scams, I recommand you this site:

In this great website, you will find:

  • A Badlist: a list of all the scam websites with a bad reputation,
  • A Safelist: a list of recommanded honest websites,
  • A section where you can report fraudulent websites,
  • A section to submit safe and responsible websites;

You will also find tips, tutorials, materials and news about the cryptocurrency world so you can raise awarness and be more careful on scams and ponzis that try to lure you into their promises of easy money.


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