Buy and Sell Bitcoin Locally with LocalBitcoins


LocalBitcoins is a Finnish escrow and Bitcoin exchange company founded in 2012, it is the most popular Bitcoin exchange platform that allows its users to buy and sell Bitcoins with all possible means of payment: Bank account transfer, Credit Cards, Paypal, Cash…
The platform aims to offer a pure Bitcoin free-marketplace based on “supply and demand”, where each one can freely set its prices.

Once you register, you can post your request on the platform or search for it. Localbitcoins will display all buyers/sellers near your position with their price offer. The platform has a ratings program where you can find the serious sellers/buyers who are well-rated and have more than 6 months of seniority on the site.

Depending on the means of payment, the exchange may take a few seconds, hours or even days. But do not worry, Localbitcoins always provides guarantees for the exchange and the transfer of funds is always done in a completely secure way.

You can register now by clicking on this link : LocalBitcoins


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