OpenBazaar – The Free Decentralized Bitcoin Marketplace


OpenBazaar is a 100% decentralized peer-to-peer open-source marketplace, offering a zero-commissioned buying and selling platform where transactions are done in Bitcoin.

Developed in 2014, OpenBazaar has opened its doors to the public in 2016, offering a fully decentralized online sales platform that requires no commission on sales or on-line payments. “A peer-to-peer social market, similar to a merger between eBay, Twitter and BitTorrent,” summarize its creators.openbazaar

It is also a revolutionary business model for professional e-merchants who depends nowdays on centralized platforms like Amazon to sell their products. OpenBazaar offers most of the basic functionality of other marketplaces, enabling to list products, place orders, track delivery, note vendors, etc., and avoids its merchants having to pay any penny. By directly connecting individuals with each other, all intermediaries who are not able to bring added value are eliminated.

Vendors and buyers need to download and install the open-source software (available in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), and all connected computers then form the marketplace, Constantly exchanging information that allows the network to continue to live and be updated.

“OpenBazaar developers are not tolerant – and are not responsible – for any use of the platform for illegal purposes,” said the creatorss of the platform. On OpenBazaar, nothing is being done to encourage the sale of drugs or weapons, and this is not at all the spirit of the platform, but nothing also prohibits them. It is liberalism in its simplest form.

You can visit their official website here: OpenBazaar


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