The Bitcoin Gospel Documentary


When the financial world collapsed in 2008, a mysterious genius comes under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto and presented a project of a new decentralized currency running without a bank. The Bitcoin was born!
Bitcoin can be transferred worldwide with a single click, without transaction costs. Until today, no one knows who is Nakamoto, but his invention of the first decentralized crypto-currency gave birth to a financial revolution.

While the popularity of Bitcoin has blossomed since its initial inception, the system has faced significant hurdles and adversity along the way and a number of setbacks are now beginning to come into focus. In cutting out the middleman, Bitcoin provides an escape from the burdensome fees that banks and other institutions normally charge for traditional transactions. But that anonymity comes at a price; it may appeal to most users for their legitimate every day transactions, but it can also empower greater flexibility for criminal activities to flourish.

“The Bitcoin Gospel” covers all the issues that Bitcoin went through and more in admirably even-handed fashion. According to the evidence and testimony presented in the film, and in spite of its myriad of potential defects, Bitcoin represents a growing movement of citizens who want to redefine the nature of capitalism on a global scale.

You will also get to know Roger Ver a.k.a ‘The Bitcoin Jesus’ who invested heavily in Bitcoin in its early days, when it was worth less than a dollar.


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