10 years before Bitcoin, Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon

Science-fiction writers are supposed to be ahead of their time, and this is what Neal Stephenson proved us in his prophetic novel, Cryptonomicon published in 1999.


Here is a little taste of his amazing predictive book.

“-We’re going to issue electronic banknotes.

-No paper at all?

-No paper at all.

-So you can spend it on the Net.


-What if you want to buy a sack of bananas?

-Find a banana merchant on the Net.

-Seems like paper money’de be just as good.

-Paper money is traceable and perishable and has other drawbacks. Electronic banknotes are fast and anonymous.

-What’s an electronic banknot look like, Randy?

-Like any other digital thing: a bunch of bits.

-Doesn’t that make it kind of easy to counterfeit?

-Not if you have good crypto, Randy says. Which we do.

-How did you get it?

-By hanging out with maniacs.

-What kind of maniacs?

-Maniacs who think that having good crypto is of near-apocalyptic importance.”

– from New York Times Bestseller Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson, published in 1999 by Avon books.

And here is the author Mr Stephenson, hanging out with Roger Ver a.k.a the “Bitcoin Jesus”.


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