Challenge: Living on Bitcoin

btc accepted

These days, more and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, and 20 million people worldwide now use Bitcoin. But how practical is it to live only on Bitcoin ?
These people decided to give it a try, from eating, renting, shopping.. using Bitcoin only.

Discover their incredible journey!

Abigail Scarlett a London based photographer decided to accept only Bitcoin for six months to get paid for her work.

Ed Moyse and Harry Huang, co-founders of the Bitcoin wallet app Wyre, have managed to survive in London just using Bitcoin for a month.

Raj, a Youtuber from France decided to challenge himself by living an entire month spending nothing but Bitcoin in Paris.

Forbes Reporter, Kashmir Hill experienced living entirely on Bitcoin for a week.

Seema Mody from CNBC, tried to live a whole week in New York using Bitcoin only.

Jose Pagliery from CNNMoney, tried to survive one entire day in New York using just Bitcoin as a currecy.


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