Bitcoin Stolen on Live TV


On December 20, 2013 Bloomberg reporter Matt Miller was hosting “12 Days of Bitcoin” when he showed his bitcoin paper wallet on Live TV.

Little did he realize that he just showed the QR code on the paper wallet for his private bitcoin address (not the public address!) and a guy who was watching the show scanned the code quickly and instantly was $20 richer.

The guy who nabbed Miller’s Bitcoin goes by the name “milkywaymasta” on Reddit and said that he wanted to teach people a lesson on Bitcoin security, and offered to return the $20 to its owner.

Miller told milkywaymasta that he can keep the funds, and he and everyone else learned a valuable lesson that day – DO NOT show your private key -.

Here is the Reddit conversation between Matt Miller and milkywaymasta:

screen shot 2013-12-23 at 7.15.26 am

You can watch the full video of this story here:


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