Petition Asks Amazon to Accept Bitcoin


An online petition on is asking Amazon‘s CEO Jeff Bezos to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as a payment method, and this petition is nearing its goal.

You can check it out here:


Roseanne Barr is a Bitcoin Enthusiast

Actress, comedian and american presidential candidate, Roseanne Barr decided to support publicly Bitcoin since 2013, by informing her Twitter followers on the digital currency, as you can see in the tweet below:

Milton Friedman Predicted Bitcoin in 1999

American economist and Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Milton Friedman predictedBitcoin_Logo the rise of Bitcoin, in a 1999 interview conducted by NTU/F.

Milton Friedman was one of the most recognizable and influential economists of the 20th century, he was a big defender of liberty, free markets and free entreprise, he was also the leader of the Chicago School of economics. Continue reading