Bitcoin vs. Dollar


As you can see clearly on these charts, the value of Bitcoin increases comparing to the U.S. Dollar value from year to year thereafter.

1-9I-OyRMc4ta8yCdXvf6ZGQ Continue reading


Bitcoin in Australia


Bitcoin  got a bit of news time this week in Australia!

Reporter Mike Duffy, from news channel 7 News Sydney covered an event where Bitcoin ATMs were being rolled out across Sydney. Good news, users can now change Australian dollars into Bitcoin.  Continue reading

Barclays wants UK to Regulate Bitcoin

On Monday, at the Money 20/20 fintech conference in Copenhagen, Barclays barclays_bank_logo_thumbnailCEO Ashok Vaswani, told CNBC that Barclays was in discussions with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to discuss the future of the cryptocurrencies regulations in the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Vitalik Buterin’s Genius Response to Death Rumors

This week started with a really bad news for the crypto-community stating that Vitalik ethereumButerin, the developper of Ethereum, had allegedly a fatal car crash and was dead.
This rumor started first on 4Chan and then spread rapidly on the web. Continue reading