Russian Billionaire Support Blockchain Start-up

wavesRussian businessman and Billionaire politician, Boris Titov, has recently signed an agreement with Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves Platform, to create an Initial Coin Offering incubator. Continue reading


Mark Cuban Participates in his First ICO

UNIKRNAmerican billionaire, businessman and Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise owner Mark Cuban is about to participate in his first ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Continue reading

Billionaire Investor Mike Novogratz Predictions on Digital Currencies

achievement-18134_640Fortress Investment Group Principal and Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz stated recently that the cryptocurrency market capitalization will worth $5 trillion by 2022. Continue reading

The Secret to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire

Are you a crypto millionaire? If so, you probably bought into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum very early. Early cryptocurrency investors in Ethereum saw their coins rise from $0.37 USD during the initial crowdsale to $380 USD today. idiceA small $10,000 investment would be $1 million dollars today.
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From Multi-Millionaire to Washing Dishes

charlie shrem

Founder of BitInstant and Vice President of The Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem was one of the first Bitcoin entrepreneurs, he was a Bitcoin pioneer as one of the integral players in the decentralization of finance and it paid off big time, until he allowed a customer to resell Bitcoin on Silk Road, the infamous deep web black market. Continue reading