Coinbase Adds 100k Users within 3 Days

coinbaseDigital asset exchange company and online cryptocurrency wallet Coinbase has added 100,000 users in just 3 days according to British entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne who collected archived website data to reveal the running count. Continue reading


Coinbase to Reimburse Funds Lost on GDAX


US based digital asset exchange GDAX had an Ethereum flash crash earlier this week, as the price of ETH went from $319 to 10 cents around 12:30 p.m. ET time Wednesday. Continue reading

How Bitcoin is Changing the Face of Non-Profits


The number of Bitcoin users is growing every day, more people who are less into tech are being introduced to this cryptocurrency, and users worldwide are beginning to see Bitcoin as a very useful way to transfer value to people, businesses, and even non-profit organizations. Continue reading

That day when Snoop Dogg joined the Bitcoin Movement

It’s always a pleasure to see Bitcoin getting recognition from celebrities !

Snoop Dogg the hip-hop star and legendary rapper straight out of Long Beach, California, posted a tweet back in December 2013, where he suggested selling his new album in Bitcoin and deliver it in a Drone directly to the costumer.

snoop-bitcoin Continue reading

Coinbase, All features in One Wallet.


Coinbase is one of the biggest actors in the field of Bitcoin. The original wallet service was created in 2012, it now offers a variety of services, from storage (portfolio) to transactions and payment modules (e-merchants), aswell as a buying and reselling Bitcoin. In other words, it is a site on which you can absolutely do everything. As a reminder, in normal times one must buy Bitcoins on a stock exchange, then transfer them to a storage portfolio. Today, Coinbase offers everything in one. Continue reading