Austrian Postal Services allows Cryptocurrencies Exchange

austria-1224683_640Austrian postal services provider Österreichische Post now offers new services using cryptocurrencies for exchange and trading, in a collaboration with Vienna-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda. Continue reading


Discover Switzerland’s Crypto-Valley

switzerland-1244169_640Zug is a small province of Switzerland that is also known as “Crypto Valley”, due to its pro-fintech and startup encouraging jurisdictions and its accommodating laws and regulations that promotes innovation and new technologies.
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Poland’s Largest Food Delivery ‘Pyszne’ Accepts Bitcoin


Polish largest online ordering food service with a selection of +5,000 restaurants and 880,000 active customers in Poland, started to accept Bitcoin starting this month through the Bitcoin payment service provider Bitpay.

While using credit cards or PayPal to order food, costumers pay a 6% fee, however for Bitcoin payments Pyszne does not charge this additional fee.  Continue reading

Liberland, the Country where Bitcoin is a National Currency

Welcome to “The libertarian Paradise.”

On April 13 2015, 31-year-old Czech politician Vit Jedlicka set the flag of a new European state between Serbia and liberlandmapCroatia, on the western bank of the Danube: Liberland.
The micronation registred over 350,000 applicants for citizenship to the world’s newest sovereign libertarian state. Continue reading