Coinye, The Kanye West-themed Cryptocurrency

Coinye was a parody scrypt-based cryptocurrency introduced on January 11, 2014.Coinye

The logo of Coinye was a Kanye West-themed face on a cartoon fish.
It became embroiled in a trademark infringement lawsuit for using American hip hop artist Kanye West as its mascot. Continue reading


79 Year Old Rapper named Bitcoin

Meet Lee, a 79-year-old hip-hop artist from Philadelphia who goes by the name “Bitcoin”.
Gandpa-rapper ‘Bitcoin’ got famous and became an Internet sensation for his (explicit) hit single “Best B#$*h” in late 2014.

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That day when Snoop Dogg joined the Bitcoin Movement

It’s always a pleasure to see Bitcoin getting recognition from celebrities !

Snoop Dogg the hip-hop star and legendary rapper straight out of Long Beach, California, posted a tweet back in December 2013, where he suggested selling his new album in Bitcoin and deliver it in a Drone directly to the costumer.

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