Floyd Mayweather Promotes an ICO on Instagram

Conor-McGregor-Floyd-Mayweather-detailsAmerican five-division world champion professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has just used social media photo-sharing app Instagram to promote an upcoming initial coin offering for Stox, a prediction market platform that is launching its crowdsale on August 2. Continue reading


U.S. Securities Laws May Apply to Token Sales

SECUnited States Securities Laws May Apply to Offers, Sales, and Trading of Interests in Virtual Organizations as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated today in a press release that the offering and sale of digital tokens “are subject to the requirements of the federal securities laws”. Continue reading

‘Useless Ethereum Token’ Raises More Than $71k

“You give money to somebody on the Internet, and the person takes it and buys useless-ethereum-tokenthings with it.” Here’s the description of the so-called first 100% honest ethereum ICO “Useless Ethereum Token” and this honesty seems to have paid off, in fact more than 71,000 US dollars were invested in this token via their crowdsale. Continue reading

Aragon co-founder Predicts ‘Ethereum will be worth $1,000’

aragonLuis Cuende the co-founder of Aragon, a digital jurisdiction that aims to make decentralized organizations very efficient and has already raised $25 million in less then 2 minutes in its recent ICO token sale, recently predicted that price of Ethereum, which is currently $275, will hit $1,000 soon. Continue reading

ICO: How to raise Millions within seconds with the Blockchain ?


As an initial public offering where the company sells its shares on a financial market, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) allows a company to raise capital from multiple sources. But instead of issuing shares or bonds, the company sells tokens created using Blockchain technology to raise funds for a new project by distributing a percentage of their tokens in the cryptocurrency market. Continue reading

Russian Billionaire Support Blockchain Start-up

wavesRussian businessman and Billionaire politician, Boris Titov, has recently signed an agreement with Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves Platform, to create an Initial Coin Offering incubator. Continue reading