The Lucky Guy who became a Bitcoin Millionaire

An incredible story straight out of Norway!

In 2009, Kristoffer Koch, a Norwegian student was working on his encryption thesis and heard about a mysterious cryprocurrency called ‘Bitcoin‘, he decided to buy $27 worth ofnorway-2332851_640 bitcoins (5,000 bitcoins) for fun, and then he forgot about them.

On April 2013, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed and received a widespread media coverage, and Kristoffer remembered that he invested in Bitcoin in the past,“I thought to myself, didn’t I have something like that?” Koch told to NRK. Continue reading


From Multi-Millionaire to Washing Dishes

charlie shrem

Founder of BitInstant and Vice President of The Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem was one of the first Bitcoin entrepreneurs, he was a Bitcoin pioneer as one of the integral players in the decentralization of finance and it paid off big time, until he allowed a customer to resell Bitcoin on Silk Road, the infamous deep web black market. Continue reading

Dennis Rodman back to North Korea, Thanks to Potcoin

NBA Legend Dennis Rodman a.k.a “The Worm” travelled this week for his fifth time topotcoin North Korea. But this time, the trip was funded and sponsored by Potcoin, a community-based cryptocurrency for legalized marijuana and cannabis industry, it was created to eliminate the necessity of cash between customers and marijuana dispensaries. Continue reading

Vinny Lingham: Bitcoin is “Better Money”

Vinny Lingham, the South African technology innovator, angel investor and founder of multiple startups like Gyft and Civic, stated yesterday on his twitter account that Bitcoin is better money” while Ethereum isn’t really a money.” Continue reading