Financial Analyst: ‘Bitcoin Will Hit $100k in 10 years’

Saxo Bank analyst, Kay Van-Petersen who predicted in December 2016, that BitcoinCoinMarketCap would reach $2,000 this year, now says that it will be worth $100,000 in 10 years. Continue reading


Vinny Lingham: ‘Bitcoin has 0.25% Chance to Hit $1 Million’

In a response to Naval Ravikant tweet where he said: “Bitcoin will be a store of value when everyone believes it is. The price is the current probability. Fundamental analysis is impossible.”, Vinny Lingham agreed with Naval and added that Bitcoin has a 2.5% chance to hit $100k or 0.25% to hit $1 Million.

Max Keiser: ‘Welcome to the New Crypto Order’

Long-time Bitcoin advocate and RT’s Keiser Report host, Max Keiser stated in a tweet that Bitcoin will have a very bright future, and a new all-time high for Bitcoin is in sight:

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Milton Friedman Predicted Bitcoin in 1999

American economist and Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Milton Friedman predictedBitcoin_Logo the rise of Bitcoin, in a 1999 interview conducted by NTU/F.

Milton Friedman was one of the most recognizable and influential economists of the 20th century, he was a big defender of liberty, free markets and free entreprise, he was also the leader of the Chicago School of economics. Continue reading